Kevin Lucas

Kevin Lucas is a health & wellness advocate, public speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and consultant that is well known for his commitment to helping clients manage their conditions and chronic pain.

At the beginning of his career…

Kevin Lucas of New Hope Regeneration worked as a Board Certified Advanced Structural Integrator. This position allowed Lucas to dedicate himself to alleviating the pain and improving the quality of life of clients suffering from MS, auto immune conditions, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, and a host of other conditions with the capacity to cause pain and discomfort. While aiding clients via the therapeutic touch indicative of Structural Integration was rewarding, Kevin Lucas decided to expand his development and the tools at his disposal, leading to him co-founding New Hope Regeneration in 2015. 

Health & Wellness Advocate

Public Speaker




and more…

Now, Lucas introduces clients to how Infiniti Cells can be harnessed for their anti-inflammatory, regenerative, and immunomodulatory qualities to strengthen the body’s ability to repair itself. He also works as a consultant for New Hope Regeneration, helping potential clients determine whether Infiniti Cell Therapy is the right path for their needs.


has become a Public Speaker and International Trainer as well in the time since co-founding the organization.

He realizes that there is a need for medical professionals to be trained in pain education, logistical strategy for business, and neuroscience as all can come into play when breaking ground on practices that can positively impact clients. To this point, his public speaking appearances involve providing a wholistic understanding of Infiniti Cell research and its inherent ability to help individuals that are suffering from chronic pain despite undergoing other treatments. Expanding on the ongoing conversation of Infiniti Cell research ultimately helps Kevin Lucas of New Hope Regeneration alert sharp minds in the medical field of the scope of Infiniti Cell Therapy and how quickly the space is developing.


Impacting the world, one client at a time…

In addition to the work Kevin Lucas of New Hope Regeneration does to further the medical sectors understanding of Infiniti Cells to help clients, he has also been responsible for running Infiniti Cell Therapy clinics across the country. He knows that one of the largest challenges in health & wellness is the accessibility of care and education on the options that exist to make conditions more manageable. Through educating others on the complexities of Infiniti Cell Therapy and the profound impact it can have for clients, New Hope Regeneration can ultimately improve its accessibility and the scope of what the organization provides.

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