Kevin Lucas and New Hope Regeneration say Stem Cells can Give Athletes a Second Chance

Kevin Lucas and New Hope Regeneration say Stem Cells can Give Athletes a Second Chance

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A fatalistic approach to a recent medical diagnosis does no good for anyone involved. The patient may lose hope, their families will struggle and doctors will experience stress as they try to offer innovative solutions. It’s for these reasons that patients should take time to assess the situation and learn about their condition – then set about finding ways to improve it. This is essentially what stem cells have to offer, but it’s up to patients and doctors to arrive at this solution together. The topic of  Infiniti Cells and how they can be used as part of regenerative therapy is a cornerstone of modern medicine and one that more athletes are paying attention to. Kevin Lucas, co-founder of New Hope Regeneration, says there’s much to gain by exploring your options with Infiniti Cells – and the stem cell field in general – ahead of any need for urgent treatment.

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The risk that surgeries pose is not something that should be taken lightly. Stem cell therapy, on the other hand, is a largely non-invasive and holistic way of addressing chronic pain. This recent article from World Tennis Magazine shows us a common problem confronted by athletes and the possible solution offered by stem cells. Argentine tennis player Juan Martin del Potro, an award-winning Olympian, has dealt with a spat of knee issues following a 2018 knee cap fracture. He has undergone three surgeries to deal with the pain – all yielding little to no relief. He is now turning to cell regeneration in Brazil, which could hopefully bring him back to the court sooner than expected. “Stem cell therapy works by supposedly triggering damaged cells in the body to repair themselves, helping to heal joint injuries and repair damaged cartilage – which in turn lessens the pain felt,” according to the article.

Juan Martin del Potro is not the first professional tennis player to turn to this option, which encourages Kevin Lucas of New Hope Regeneration. He’s seen the benefits – and limits – of manual therapy to treat chronic pain and autoimmune diseases. The Infiniti Cells that he champions as a way to overcome recurring pain are capable of repairing tissue or building new layers. Anti-inflammatory properties and modulating the immune systems’ response are two benefits of taking stem cell therapies over surgery. As with all medical treatments, Kevin Lucas of New Hope Regeneration says this isn’t a decision to make on your own. Speak with former clients and medical professionals who have administered Infiniti Cells. Similarly, review online resources such as eBooks and video seminars that explain the restoration process in an easy-to-learn format.